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Arctic Anchor


At only 2.5 lbs and a breaking strength of 10,000lbs this is the clear choice!

This Anchor will help get your ATV / UTV out of a jam. If your ATV is stuck out on the lake, this is a product for you! Use your winch and an ice hole to pull yourself out. Arctic Anchor is your choice to get your ATV out of the ice.



Stuck in a slushy or snowy situation? Make sure you have an Arctic Anchor with! The Arctic Anchor is a powerful tool to pull your winched ATV or UTV out of the snow and slush while out on the ice. Simply drill a hole, attach it to your vehicles winching system, drop and anchor the product, and let your winch system do the rest! Both the extruded aluminum bar and strap each have an over 10,000 lb breaking point. Comes in a breathable bag to allow the Arctic Anchor to dry quickly after each use in order to reduce the chance of corrosion or mold. Also features a cable attached to the aluminum for quick and easy retrieval.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 24 in


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