Welcome to Arctic Anchor Proudly made in Minnesota - Patent Pending

About Us

We are a small family owned and operated business located in west central Minnesota. Born and raised in the frozen north in the heart of lakes country, ice fishing is a way of life for most. We ice fish in the sun, we ice fish in blizzards, and don’t forget those special times, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries (not always a popular choice)!


The Arctic Anchor™ was born back in 2006 when my brother was ice fishing alone on a local lake that was flooding on top of the ice. After a successful night of fishing, he was on his way home across the ice when his ATV broke through the crust on top and became stranded in the water and slush below. Even though his ATV had chains on he could not free himself from the slush hole. Shoveling proved useless as it froze faster than he could shovel it. With the temperature dropping well below zero, and after an hour of shoveling and a lot of swearing he did what no true Minnesotan wants to do.

He called my dad for help! To make a long story short, my dad saved the day and has yet to let my brother forget it! After he told me of his of his harrowing adventure, I started on a solution. Being a natural born problem solver, I went through many different designs and possibilities. I finally came up with the design you see today, it is strong, light weight and extremely easy to use. If he’d had the Arctic Anchor™ that night his self-recovery would’ve taken minutes and not hours.